The Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic is open Monday through Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yau, please call (805) 963-2729  Ext 5 or fill out our contact form.

Office Location

Dr. Jervis Yau

2936 De La Vina Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Phone: (805) 963-2729
Fax: (805) 963-3818

Visit Checklist:

When you come for your appointment with Dr. Yau, please remember to bring the following items:

  • Patient forms
  • Driver’s license or a valid ID
  • Insurance information
  • Referral letter (if required)
  • Copies of medical records, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.
  • List of medications (if any)
  • Any other relevant information

We recommend all patients dress comfortably for their orthopedic appointment. However, for your physical examination, there are things you can do that are very helpful. For example, if you are having your shoulder evaluated, it is best to wear garments such as a sleeveless shirt to allow Dr. Yau to best visualize and perform a physical examination of the shoulder. Likewise, if your issue is with the knee or hip area, wearing or bringing loose fitting shorts to your appointment facilitates Dr. Yau’s physical examination.

If you need to cancel an appointment:

Please call Dr. Yau’s office during business hours, Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM, and allow at least 24 hours’ notice so we can offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.

Dr. Yau’s team recognizes your time is valuable and makes every effort to run on time. Occasionally, medical emergencies and patients requiring more time will cause scheduling delays beyond our control. We apologize if we keep you waiting longer than expected.