Knee Injuries and Degenerative Conditions Treated by Santa Barbara Orthopedic Knee Specialist & Knee Surgeon

Numerous residents of the Santa Barbara, Goleta, Santa Maria and Ventura, California area visit Dr. Jervis Yau’s orthopedic practice each year reporting knee pain, instability, swelling and loss of motion. Because of the knee’s complex structure, a knee injury is one of the most common reasons individuals visit a medical professional. The knee joint’s sophisticated structure is composed of mainly bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, all of which can become damaged from aging, overuse or an acute, traumatic event. Orthopedic knee specialists and knee surgeons, such as Dr. Yau, specialize in diagnosing and treating common knee injuries that limit daily work and sports.

An Overview on the Knee Joint

The knee is one of the most easily injured joints in the body, mainly because of its size and the great amount of stress placed on it daily. As the largest joint in the body, the knee is composed of bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. The complex structure of the knee is often injured when abnormal forces are applied to the joint during athletic activities, overuse, a traumatic event or normal wear and tear from consistent use and stress.

Knee pain, swelling, instability and a “catching” or “locking” sensation are the most common symptoms of an injury to the joint. Depending on the severity and type of injury, patients may also experience a “popping” sensation if a ligament becomes torn.

Knee Specialist Available to Diagnose and Treat Common Knee Injuries

Any of the structures within the knee joint can be damaged. The most common knee injuries diagnosed and treated by Dr. Yau, orthopedic knee specialist, include fractures, dislocations, ligament tears and cartilage injuries. In certain cases, numerous soft tissue or bony structures can become injured during one injury.

Dr. Yau specializes in:

Knee Surgeons Specialize in Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatment of Knee Conditions

Dr. Yau, as well as many other knee surgeons, begins treatment of a knee injury with conservative, non-surgical measures. The RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) method, immobilization in a brace, medications and a detailed physical therapy program are often the first treatment methods prescribed to a patient if the injury is not too severe or does not require surgery to return full function and stability to the joint.

A knee surgeon may recommend an arthroscopic knee surgery if the injury is too severe or does not heal with conservative treatment. In the majority of cases, Dr. Yau prefers to utilize a minimally invasive approach so patients can return to normal activities in less time and with less pain compared to open surgery techniques.

Dr. Yau commonly performs knee arthroscopy techniques in these treatments:

Residents living in the Santa Barbara, Goleta, Santa Maria and Ventura, California communities no longer have to live with knee pain and other bothersome symptoms caused by common knee injuries and degenerative conditions. Dr. Jervis Yau, orthopedic knee specialist and knee surgeon, is available to diagnose and treat various injuries at his local practice.


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