Adult Stem Cells

Stem Cell Orthopedic Injections Utilizing Adult Stem Cells Stem cell orthopedic injections are becoming more widely used by orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists, such as Dr. Jervis Yau, for treating joint injuries. Early clinical data has shown that adult stem cells are a safe and effective treatment option for chronic tendon injuries, acute [...]

PRP Injections for Elbow

An Overview on PRP Injections for the Elbow Joint Elbow injuries are fairly common in the athletic population, mostly from overuse. Common elbow conditions are known as tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis). Both are typically caused by overuse and can cause debilitating pain and weakness. Patients living in the Santa [...]

Amniotic Fluid Preparation Injections

An Overview on Amniotic Fluid Preparation Injections Biologic treatment is continuing to gain popularity in the medical field as an innovative treatment option in patients suffering from pain due to injury or degeneration. This form of treatment is designed to help facilitate healing and accelerate recovery without surgery. A growing area of biologic treatment, [...]

Ankle Stem Cell Therapy

Ankle Stem Cell Therapy Overview Athletes of all levels, ranging from recreational to professional, are prone to ankle injuries. Two of the most common injuries associated with the ankle include fractures and sprains. After an ankle injury or from the natural aging process, certain patients may develop ankle arthritis. Active individuals living in the [...]

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